Common Real Money Bonuses on Online Casinos

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When looking to game online, one thing that most players will look for is the chance to boost their account balances by redeeming various rewards on these platforms. All online gaming operators offer at least one form or promotional gift to its members upon scoring certain milestones. The following are some of the most common of these promotions that can boost your account with actual gaming funds that you can withdraw.

Welcome Promotions

Welcome promotions will vary in type and size as well. Each operator will have a specific requirement that a gamer must reach on its platform to receive this welcome reward. For the most part, however, this will be the first deposit gift.

In this case, the operator will boost the player's account with some funds upon successfully depositing some real money in his or her account. Most operators choose to match up the deposited funds up to a certain amount. Other gaming providers will choose to set a fixed amount that a player can earn as their welcome bonus after depositing a certain amount into the gaming account.

These types of promotions happen to be the most inclusive in most gaming platforms. The reason is that they will welcome all types of players provided they can show commitment by depositing some amount into their account on the platform.

Real Money Cash Backs

Real Money Casino Bonuses

Cash backs are less common and will only apply to certain platforms. However, this is one of the ways through which gambling platforms choose to reward players for operating accounts with them and gaming regularly.

The main purpose of cash back rewards is to return a portion of the amount that a player loses while gaming actively on a certain platform. These types of casino offers tend to be most beneficial to players who place bets with a certain operator regularly.

The operator, in this case, counts the accumulated amount of real money that a particular player loses in bets within a certain period of time, usually a week or a month. The site will then refund a portion of this depending on the terms and conditions of its promotional offer. For most online gaming sites, however, this will range from 1% up to 20%. The amount is then credited to the player's gaming account and they can then proceed to stake more bets with the funds available.

Loyalty Gifts

Real Money Casino Bonuses

In other online casinos, the loyalty bonus is one of the rewards that you will find available to players that rewards them with real money. This type of promo specifically targets account holders who have had operational accounts for a certain period of time and regularly game on the site.

The nature of these loyalty gifts will vary from operator to operator. For some of the sites, this will be a birthday gift whereby the site offers you some certain amount into your account as a gift on your birthday.

In yet some other platforms, the operator will gift you for reaching certain milestones on the site. The milestones might be something like placing a century of bets on the site.


Different gaming platforms will have promos that players can take advantage of to boost their accounts with real money for gambling. It is highly recommended that you check available promotional offers on your favorite site and take advantage of them.