Promos Available for US Mobile Casino Gamers

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The dawn of mobile casinos has changed how people approach online gaming. Most sites now offer exclusive bonuses for people that choose to place their bets via their handheld devices. This move is to create convenience and also encouraging longer gaming times. This post looks at some of the most common rewards available for people that game on their smartphones.

Rewards for US mobile casino gaming

One of the most popular offers that you will encounter as you game on your smartphone is the gifts that these US mobile casino sites offer you for downloading their apps. With most of these platforms looking to encourage more people to game on their smartphones, they choose to offer special rewards to those that successfully download the apps, register their accounts and start gaming on these platforms.

Such rewards are one time and will only apply to new players or seasoned players from the main site who install the betting apps. Some platforms will require you to meet some requirements before you can redeem this type of reward. It is therefore important to read the terms and conditions available first.

Welcome Offers

Welcome gifts are common on both the main sites and the app versions of the same. Most welcome rewards will require the player to finish up registration and make the first deposit before the gift can activate.

Different platforms will have their unique approach to this type of reward. However, the most common approach is matching the deposit that a player makes up to a certain amount. For example, a gamer may deposit $50 into his or her account. The operator will then match this amount by 100% and thus the player's account will reflect $100 available for gaming.

Other welcome offers will come in a package. In this version of the gift, the operator will reward the player a certain number of times if they meet specific requirements set by the operator. For example, the operator may offer a 25% match up on the amount deposited from the second through to the fifth deposit through its app.

Deposit Method Reward

US Mobile Casino Promos

Another type of reward that you can get when you opt for the US mobile casino version of your operator is the deposit method bonus. In this reward, the platform opts to boost your account balance when you make a deposit using a specific payment method. This move is meant to encourage more players to deposit into their accounts using a specific method of doing so compared to others available.

This gift is less common and only specific sites will have it. It is, therefore, a good idea to check the offers page on your smartphone app to determine whether the operator offers such a reward.

Loyalty Bonus

US Mobile Casino Promos

For players that take advantage of their smartphone apps to game longer, there are other rewards that they can get for doing so. Loyalty gifts exist specifically for this and will reward a player for a myriad of milestones on the app.

Some operators will reward players who use their apps to game for a certain number of consecutive days. The operator may also offer rewards for players that spend a particular amount of time on the app to place their bets.

Cashbacks also fall into this category and will seek to return a portion of a player's losses to his or her betting account.